Business Model

Established in 1911, Woolpert has a long-running history as a quality property and infrastructure solutions company. They handle all types of tasks related to building planning, engineering and construction. They also have extensive experience in managing the communities they build. This company serves both public and private clients, including the United States military.

Their main office is in Dayton, Ohio, but they have other locations situated across the nation. In addition to building and managing military housing installations, they also provide architecture and engineering services to the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and similar entities.

Military Bases

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Contact Information For Woolpert

4454 Idea Center Boulevard, Suite 400

Dayton, OH 45430-1500

Phone: 937-461-5660

Fax: 937-461-0743

Scott Cattaran, CEO and President

Mark Haberstroh, CFO

Lawsuits, Sanctions and Penalties Against Woolpert, Inc.

Over the course of the past 100 years, Woolpert has faced very few lawsuits. In the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court, Torres et al v. Woolpert, Inc. was presented to the court regarding a personal injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The case was quickly terminated a month after opening in 2013. There are no other lawsuits, sanctions or penalties against this company.


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