Steps For Dealing With Debt Collector


"Shelly" was getting letters and phone calls about an old credit card debt. What she didn’t realize, however, was that many of the collection letters and phone calls were technically illegal. Shelly sued in Federal Court. She received $2000 and forgiveness of her debt, plus, her attorney’s fees were paid by the collector! *


Before I tell you the 5 Essential Steps, I should tell you about exactly how I came to know them – I was a senior debt collection executive for 7 years.

In this FREE Special Report, you will learn:

Who exactly has the upper hand in debt collections and when.

Debt collectors may threaten to sue you (and sometimes they do!) but they are bound by certain federal and state laws (The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, for example) that make them liable for certain communications.

How to easily adopt the correct mindset for success.

Once you see why they're doing what they're doing and why they are talking how they're talking to you like they're talking to you, you'll never be the same again!

What practical steps you can take right now

to maximize your advantage over debt collectors, and,

Where to go to get help for free.

This FREE Report is only 5 pages long, but it's got the most important tips for dealing with debt collectors that I can give you! Once you get these, the rest of the details (and there are a few, as you can see from my) will make absolute and simple sense.

So, please download it now by filling in the form below or to the right (I may ask you for feedback, but I promise not to SPAM you!) and see if this makes a difference in how you feel!

To Your Prosperity!


* That story is just like one of many that we handle at The Cardoza Law Corporation. And while not all cases get the same results, we make a major effort to make sure that your case is the best it can be before we take it, because – we don’t get paid unless you do!




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