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Who is trying to collect money from You?!

Is this even a legitimate company?  Good question!

In this category, and in the debt collection company profiles that are linked to it, we profile major national debt-buying collection companies, local mom & pop collection agencies, and even collection law firms. We will tell you where they are located, who owns them, how they operate, and what to watch out for. You'll even hear from our fellow consumers who report in on the comments section.

‚ÄčAsset Acceptance Corporation

Encore Capital Group

Midland Funding

Midland Capital Management

Portfolio Recovery Associates

PRA Group, Inc.

Don't see your debt collector here?

But you want to know about them right away? Enter the information you have (maybe it's just a phone or a FAX number) below in the comments section and I'll post the research on it ASAP!

Be sure to leave me your real email address (don't worry, only I will see it) so that I can send you any information that may be accurate, but not suitable for publication.

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