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You Can Sue For Credit Repair In Order To Correct Your Credit Report And Stop Debt Collectors. Know Your Consumer Rights!

Credit Repair Attorney

Q. Are debt collectors or creditors hassling you?

Those collection letters and phone calls may entitle YOU to compensation and elimination of your debt! *Even if the calls are for Someone Else!

Check out the Top 5 Most Common Illegal Debt Collection Violations.


Q. Are you sure that your Credit Report is accurate?

A lawsuit may fix those problems and compensate YOU for your losses! Be sure to check out How To Get a Credit Reporting Attorney for No Money Down!


Q. Have you been the victim of Identity Theft?

Find out how to file an effective Identity Theft Dispute that relieves you of responsibility for debts and credit reporting entries that aren't yours!


Federal Credit Repair and Collections Laws are on Your Side

Debt collectors and creditors make illegal mistakes all the time—and so do credit reporting agencies. Use these facts to your advantage and you may be able to eliminate your debts and get paid. U.S. consumer protection laws prohibiting illegal collections and promoting accurate credit reporting are powerful and will actually pay your attorneys’ fees!

Take Action and Gain Control.

Let me investigate - for Free -  the methods being used by your debt collectors and credit reporting agencies, and to find out if the companies that have been harassing you for months might actually be obligated to PAY YOU and your attorney’s fees instead.

I am a former senior executive of a debt-buying company, a debt collection agency, and a major regional high-volume debt collection law firm and I know how to help make the laws work for you. I examine letters, statements, and other communications to help you find debt relief from:

  • Consumer Debt. I represent clients suffering from every kind of credit repair, consumer debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, mortgage payments, condo association dues and fees, apartment and home rents, and past due bills for services such as internet, phone, and cable services. I also provide relief from consumer loans, such as auto financing, Internet loans, payday loans, car title loans, and student loan debt. Even if you have more than one creditor demanding payment, I can probably help with all of them.

  • Collection Agencies. Most creditors employ third-party collection agencies to go after the consumers who they think owe them money. These debt collectors often use illegal tactics in an attempt to get people to pay. A lot of the time, they aren’t even aware that they are breaking the laws! I sue debt collectors and debt buyers for their violations, which gives you the upper hand— big time—when it comes to credit repair.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and the companies that furnish credit information to them are required to accurately maintain your credit report so that it does not negatively impact your financial future. Inaccurate negative credit information can lower your credit score and affect your ability to buy a house, get a car loan, or to be approved for other credit cards or lines of credit. I sue credit reporting agencies and the furnishers and resellers of credit information in order to enforce your rights.
  • Credit Identity Theft Lawsuits. Finance companies, nursing homes, auto dealers, retailers, advertisers, timeshare operators, travel and vacation sales programs - all of these companies, and more, have been the subject of Credit Identity Theft Lawsuits. If you think you've been ripped off by an unfair business practice, deceptive advertising, or just bad "policy" and you think you're probably not alone, find out how you might be entitled to compensation and representation for no money down. Federal and California Consumer Protection Laws are on your side and can make corporate rip-off artists change their ways - for everyone's benefit!

I don’t work with every person on every account, but if I take your case it won’t cost you anything unless you win, and you may be entitled to have your debt completely forgiven and receive a cash payment from that creditor or debt collector! Before you search for a bankruptcy attorney, debt settlement or credit repair services, or attempt to settle or negotiate your debt on your own, find out how I can help you get financial freedom and stop debt collectors from harassing you and your family. 

You Are Already on Your Way to a Better Financial Future!

Congratulations! Simply by reading this far you've taken the action step necessary to build momentum towards a better financial future. Download my free book, call our toll-free number today or fill out the quick contact form on this page right now. Find out how easy it might be in your case to turn the tables and make the law work for you!

Find Out Today if You Have a Credit Repair Case That May Entitle YOU to Compensation!

Andrea H from California


Practice Areas

Credit Reporting Disputes Credit Reporting Disputes

A credit rating lower than it should be may be costing you thousands of dollars every year - and you might not even know it!

Government studies estimate that AT LEAST 20% of the consumer population has at least one error on their credit report that is costing them money in the form of higher interest rates.

Are you struggling with Experian, Equifax, or Transunion because they won't fix your credit report? Has your credit repair agency (if you hired one) told you that there's nothing else they can do for you now that your disputes have been ignored? Many consumers have simply given up on trying to correct an unfair credit score, costing them thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. Attorney Mike Cardoza explains the duties and responsibilities of credit reporting agencies and what consumers can do if the agency refuses to change an unfair report.

Debt Collection Harassment Debt Collection Harassment

Are you really “at the mercy” of your debt collectors and lenders? You're not—although they would like you to think so!

Attorney Mike Cardoza explains the basics of consumer financial protection laws and how they can be used to turn the tables on California creditors, debt buyers, debt collection agencies and others.

Credit Identity Theft Credit Identity Theft

Have you been cheated or ripped off by a company and suspect that you're not alone?

Maybe the amount was large enough to make you angry but so small that it didn't make sense to hire an attorney - until now. Find out how you may be entitled to compensation and free representation in a consumer credit identity theft lawsuit!

Military Consumer Protection Military Consumer Protection

Being a Military Servicemember carries with it responsibilities - but also special rights.

Some banks, landlords, lenders, and courts sometimes don't respect those rights because they're inconvenient or difficult. Never mind that being in the Military is often inconvenient and difficult. And that is why these special rights exist!

A person or a company can NOT go to court and get a judgment against you while you're on active duty (unless they do certain specific and difficult things), a lender HAS to lower your pre-service debt to 6% upon your request, a self-storage unit owner can NOT sell your stuff for non-payment of rent, a car dealer can NOT reposess the car you bought before joining the military, an HOA can not put a lien on your home, a lender can NOT foreclose on your home, and a landlord can NOT evict your family without going to a court to get permission.

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