CFPB Debt Collection Complaint Ranking*:

#190 of 2,458 Companies

Lawsuits, Penalties, or Sanctions:

PLOCH v. CLIENT SERVICES, INC. (April 1, 2013.) United States District Court, E.D. Missouri, Eastern Division. No. 4:12CV0518 HEA.

MURALLES v. CLIENT SERVICES, INC. (September 2, 2011.) United States District Court, D. New Jersey. Civil Action No. 11-3738 (JLL).

JOHNSON v. REVENUE MANAGEMENT CORP. (Argued January 22 and 26, 1999.) United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit. Nos. 98-3001, 98-3146.

Location and Contact Details:

3451 Harry S Truman Blvd. 
Saint Charles, MO 63301 
Phone: (800) 521-3236 
Fax: (636) 947-1565
Ron Langford, President
Jeffrey Spector, GM-Ethics Contact

Business Model:

Client Services, Inc. - also known as CSI - is a debt collection company. CSI operates debt collection call centers on behalf of clients from a variety of industries. It offers accounts debt collection services for clients in the automotive, financial services, government, healthcare, higher education, insurance, retail, and utilities sectors.  

CSI maintains operations centers in Missouri, Kansas, and Costa Rica.

* Ranking determined by the overall number of debt collection complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as of year-end 2015 and should be considered in context of company size and/or market share. See the CFPB debt collection complaint database in real-time here

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