CFPB Debt Collection Complaint Ranking*:

#82 of 2,458 Companies

Lawsuits, Penalties, or Sanctions:

CORDES v. FREDERICK J. HANNA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. (June 7, 2011.) United States District Court, D. Minnesota. Civ. No. 10-1344 (RHK/TNL).

KIMBALL v. FREDERICK J. HANNA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. (August 15, 2011.) United States District Court, D. Minnesota. Civil No. 10-130 (MJD/JJG).

RUDEK v. FREDERICK J. HANNA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. (February 17, 2009.) United States District Court, E.D. Tennessee, at Chattanooga. 

CFPB Takes Action to Stop Illegal Debt Collection Lawsuit Mill

Location and Contact Details:

2253 Northwest Pkwy SE
Marietta, GA 30067-8764
Phone: (770) 988-9055
Fax: (770) 980-0528
Frederick J. Hanna, Esq., Owner
Joseph C. Cooling, Esq., Managing Partner and Ethics Contact

Business Model:

Frederick J. Hanna, P.C. was a "creditors' rights" or debt collection law firm. For over 30 years, the firm has provided legal services for a broad spectrum of creditor clientele principally in the area of collecting debts. The firm represented both major national and international banks, and local financial institutions. It had offices in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina and operated call centers nationwide.

Hanna Associates made headlines recently when in July 2014 the CFPB filed a lawsuit against the law firm, and its partners, alleging it operated as an “illegal lawsuit mill,” filing over 350,000 debt collection lawsuits in only four years. The law firm’s motion to dismiss the action was denied.

Then in 2015 Hanna Associates settled the matter by agreeing to the CFPB’s consent order which requires the firm to pay a $3 million penalty in addition to procedural mandates for handling debt collection matters.

As of March 2016 the firm’s website has “gone dark.”

* Ranking determined by the overall number of debt collection complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as of year-end 2015 and should be considered in context of company size and/or market share. See the CFPB debt collection complaint database in real-time here

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