Business Model

Since 1993, Investment Builders Inc. has provided the Texas region with real estate development and management services. Their founder and president, Ike J. Monty, has been in the business since 1978. They claim to focus on quality and utilize an in-house design team for all their construction projects.

This company has completed more than 8,000 new housing unit builds across the state of Texas. Within their development portfolio are affordable multi-family housing units set in attractive locations across El Paso, Texas. This company also won a contract to manage the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado.

Military Bases

  • Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado

Contact Information For Investment Builders

7400 Viscount Blvd. Suite 109

El Paso, Texas 79925-4800

Phone: 915-599-1245

Ike J. Monty, President and CEO

Roy Lopez, Senior Vice President

Lawsuits, Sanctions and Penalties Against Investment Builders

There are no lawsuits, sanctions of penalties against Investment Builders, Inc. The Better Business Bureau gives this business an A+ rating and does not have any complaints on file against the firm. Investment Builders did file a lawsuit against the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso in regard to tax credits, but eventually dropped the case.

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