Business Model

Based in Los Angeles, California, JRK Property Holdings provides residential and commercial real estate and property management services to clients in the United States. They also operate several affordable and high-end hotels across the nation. The majority of their commercial real estate roster centers around business centers and storage lots. This company is responsible for the care of military housing on Navy Station Everett, Washington.

JRK Property Holdings opened in 1991 with the purchase of five residential multi-family locations and grew from there. Over the years, this company has expanded to 1,200 employees who manage over 25,000 housing units and handle the rest of the business operations. For many of its projects, this company operates under the subsidiaries, JRK Hotel Group and JRK Residential Group.

Military Bases

  • Navy Station Everett, Washington

Contact Information For JRK Property Holdings

11766 Wilshire Boulevard, 15th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: 310-268-8344

Fax: 310-268-7943

Jim Lippman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Lee, President and COO

Lawsuits, Sanctions and Penalties Against JRK Property Holdings

Many past tenants have gone online to express their dissatisfaction with the quality of housing and management support offered by JRK Property Holdings.

In 2018, Thomas Mann, et al. v. JRK Property Holdings came before the United States District Court at the Western District of Washington at Tacoma. This case was dismissed by the judge after finding that the plaintiffs should have filed their grievances during their prior case.

Karen Lee v. JRK Property Holdings centered around workers compensation benefits. Judge Robert V. Durham of the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims denied Lee’s request and dismissed the case. Similarly, a worker’s discrimination case against JRK, Daynean Richards v. JRK Property Holdings, was dismissed without further action. A settlement was found in Santos v. JRK Property Holdings, which was filed in response to alleged wrongful discharge from employment in 2012.


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