Business Model

The Miller-Valentine Group, Inc. offers their clients real estate and property management services for their commercial and multi-family residential locations. They also handle property development tasks, including site selection and environmental design consultation services. They handle both new construction and renovation tasks for their public and private clients. This company also expertly handles the operation and management of military housing installations.

The Miller-Valentine Group opened in 1963 from its headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. They have since expanded to another location in Ohio and out to Columbia, South Carolina. This company aims to partner with their clients to help them meet their goals in establishing and maintaining excellent properties across the United States.

Military Bases

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Contact Information For Miller-Valentine Group, Inc.

137 North Main Street, Suite 900

Dayton, OH 45402

Phone: 937-293-0900

Fax: 937-299-1564

Elizabeth Mangan, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Dektas, Chief Financial Officer

Lawsuits, Sanctions and Penalties Against Miller-Valentine Group, Inc.

Vivian Bridges v. Miller-Valentine Group Realty Services was presented to the court and dismissed as it was determined there was no probable cause. There are no other lawsuits, sanctions and penalties against this company. Online reviews from past employees highlight the good working conditions and policies offered by this company.


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