Business Model

The Boyer Company focuses on providing residential and commercial real estate planning, building and management. They also assist their clients in selecting building sites, bidding, completing contracts and improving their tenant relations. Their property management side of the company handles the responsibilities associated with the care of military housing installations. Beyond military housing, their property roster includes multi-family residences, business centers, office buildings and medical facilities.

The Boyer Company has been in business for more than 40 years and now serve clients across the country. In their early years, they only offered their services to the western portion of the United States. This company has more than 22 million square feet of properties in its management roster with more to arrive in the coming years.

Military Bases

  • Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Contact Information For The Boyer Company

101 S 200 E Ste 200

Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: 801-521-4781

Roger Boyer, Chairman and Founder

Nate Boyer, President

Lawsuits, Sanctions and Penalties Against The Boyer Company

In 1998, Field v. Boyer Company came through the Utah Supreme Court system in regard to an alleged lack of security at a shopping center managed by this company. In 2007, Cannon Associates sued The Boyer Company over a naming dispute between their community spaces. Beyond these cases, there are no other lawsuits, sanctions or penalties against this company. 


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