Did You Find A Error On Your Credit Report? You Could Be Entitled To Compensation!

You pay your bills on time faithfully. You use your credit cards responsibly. You know you have good credit so getting a great interest rate on that mortgage, car financing or personal loan should be a walk in the park, right? It should be until you find it isn't, all due to an error on your credit report!Billing Errors

What To Do If You Discover An Error On Your Credit Report.

Credit reporting errors happen way too frequently, and if you're not paying close attention they can dramtically affect your credit score. You can get these mistakes cleared up, but if you go about it on your own you're likely to find yourself getting the runaround from so called "Customer Service" employees and, of course, their "Supervisors". Do you think these large institutions are easily willing to admit they've made a mistake? Not likely!

In order to clean up your credit reporting error you must usually be able to prove, in writing, that it's wrong - and that's it! That's when you call me!

Consumer Protection Attorney Mike Cardoza

"Our own Government estimates that at least 20% of people have an error on their credit report - one that could be costing them real money! Don't waste time "disputing" online, you should see a professional who can set your case up correctly from the beginning because you are entitled to have an accurate credit report - and you may also be entitled to compensation for errors, especially if they have cost you money or credit!"

-Attorney Mike Cardoza

Consumer Financial Protection Attorney Mike Cardoza Can Clear Up Your Credit Report Errors

I can make those credit reporting errors go away and possibly get you compensation, all without costing you any money up front!

Contact me using the form on this page (or call) to get your FREE case evaluation.

You'll be surprised at how quickly a lawsuit will get the attention of these companies that were supposed to have done it right in the first place. I'll do all the heavy lifting while you're free to go about your daily routine with full knowledge that I'm on the case!

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