If you or someone you care about has been ripped off by a corporate "policy" or practice, and you think that they're not the only ones this is happening to, you may have a credit identity theft lawsuit!

No need to pay for an attorney!

Credit identity theft lawsuits pay the attorney's fees to recover damages for a large amount of plaintiffs (called "the Class") in a single lawsuit.

Credit Identity Lawsuits are good for Plaintiffs.

There's rumor that credit identity theft lawsuits are good for attorneys but not for Class members - but that's just not true. Consumer class actions provide compensation to people who are entitled to it but who would otherwise get nothing! If you are the "lead plaintiff," you may be entitled to a special award - above and beyond your class compensation - for serving in that role.

Become a Class Action Lead Plaintiff today!

If you think you even might have a Credit Identity Theft Lawsuit, request a Free Case Evaluation today!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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