Stop Debt Collector HarassmentYou do not have to put up with annoying calls from debt collectors. In fact, if a debt collector is harassing you, he is breaking the law and you can do more than stop him—you can sue him for damages. How do you know when a debt collector has crossed the line? What can you do about it? Read on!

What Is Debt Collection Harassment?

I’ve explained debt harassment in more detail in other articles on our website, but as a quick reminder, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from calling you repeatedly, annoying and verbally abusing you, threatening you, and using obscene language, among other things. Basically, if the calls are bothering you, it is probably harassment and you do not have to take it.

So, What Can You Do About Debt Collectors Contacting You?

The very first time a debt collector calls you, record the call if possible. At the very least, make a note of who called, the date and time of the call, what was said, and what they claim you owe. After this first call, use our free Collection Blocker letter to stop them from calling you again. They can contact you one more time to inform you of their next move, but if they call you after that, call me! I will tell you now what I will tell you when you call—keep track of every call you get and every letter they send. This will be evidence in your lawsuit against them.

You Do Not Deserve to Be Treated This Way

It does not matter if you actually owe the debt you are being harassed about—you still don’t deserve to be mistreated. In fact, if the abuse continues and you save the evidence, you can sue for damages and eliminate your debt! Even if it is not your debt and the calls are meant for someone else, you can still sue! Hard to believe? Maybe, but it's worth contacting me to find out if you have a claim. Get a free case evaluation now. If I take your case, you pay me no money up front and I will not get paid unless you get paid. You have nothing to lose!


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