Mike has done for debt collection what Anthony Bourdain did for professional cooking in his tell-all Kitchen Confidential - exposed the seamy underbelly of the beast. The difference is that Mike shows you how to slay the beast and regain control of your credit. Poetic license aside, this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to beat debt collectors at their own game. It can be done and Mike shows you how in clear and concise steps. I have been an attorney in general practice for too many years to disclose, and many of then were next to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri where I did pro bono work to assist a both a beleaguered JAG office and local legal aid society. How I wish Mike had written his book then! I would have recommended it to every single person I helped. This is an invaluable and candid explanation of debt collection. Know your rights. Read this book.Elizabeth E.