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I'm attorney Mike Cardoza and I'm going to tell you why you may have a Fair Credit Reporting Act case and be entitled to correction of your credit report and payment of damages. Each one of the big three consumer reporting agencies, Experian, Transunion and Equifax, receives about 1.3 billion data updates for more than 200 million consumer files each month. The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act governs these actions of these consumer reporting agencies in an effort to make consumer credit reports as accurate as possible. It holds them strictly liable for complying with the complicated provisions of the law and it says that they've got to pay damages and attorney's fees to people who sue them successfully.

Government studies estimate that 20% of consumers have at least one error on their report and that a quarter of those have an error that is causing them to pay more for credit. Having just one account in collections can drop your credit score by a hundred points, which can increase the price of your financed car or house by thousands and thousands of dollars. I can tell you why these inaccuracies happen. It's virtually impossible to eliminate human and systemic errors. How do I know? Because I was a senior executive of both a debt buying company and a large debt collection law firm for a total of seven years and I saw first-hand how legal compliance is virtually impossible in the large scale data exchange business.

Consumer reporting agencies have no financial incentive to clear up your record because you are not their paying customer. The lenders are. They have a duty under the law to use reasonable procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy in your report, to conduct a meaningful investigation and response to you dispute and to delete entries for which there is no verification.

Often, this doesn't happen and when it doesn't the law says that they're liable for payment of damages to include punitive damages and your attorney's fee. This is where I come in. You may have a case and not even know it. I will evaluate your situation and if I take your case, it doesn't cost you anything because the law ensures that my fees get paid by the defendant. In the next video I'll tell you how to find out if you might have a good case.


You are entitled to an accurate credit report.

Did you also know that the law entitles you to payment of compensation for an incorrect credit report, improper use of your credit information, or unauthorized access to your credit history?

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