If you are a resident of California who is suffering a debt crisis, KNOW that there are many options and tools available for you to take advantage of which will help you put an end the worry and fear.

You have more rights when your account goes into collection than you may believe -- or even understand. Beginning with the passing of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in 1977, along with subsequent legislation in the decades since that provides for further legal advantages to you the consumer. Really, you can throw a monkey wrench into the works of the debt collectors if you just put up a fight. Most debt collectors succeed simply because the consumer-defendant, or debtor -- you -- failed to put up any kind of fight at all - ever.

Fighting the Debt is Easier Than You Think

That's where I come in, as your legal champion in an area of law that's often confusing and overwhelming for consumer-debtors like you.

Many will surrender to intimidating lingo and legalese once a threat of referring your delinquent account to the "legal department" of a big financial lender such as a credit card company (by far the majority of these cases), along with home, car, or student loan accounts, etc. Look -  the burden of proof is on the accuser in the U.S. justice system, and you are still innocent until the accusing party can prove you actually owe the alleged debt or are even the legitimate debtor.

There are many loopholes in consumer debt collection and credit reporting, and California has no shortage of them. There are so many of these cases, that the courts are literally choked with them. Judges secretly hope that alleged debtors just like you will show up and put up a fight. And, that fight doesn't take much effort -- especially with debt law experts like me on your side.

End the Fear and Anxiety Today

Many negative emotions are suffered by debtors like you every day in California -- needlessly, in my opinion. How good, how liberating will it feel to make one phone call and receive a quick and easy, free consultation that evaluates your case and informs you of your rights?

It would probably surprise you how truly easy it is to dispute credit card and other debt cases. With something called "shifting of fees," the debt collector or creditor is obligated to pay the legal fees incurred by the debtor! and, there are so many other loopholes and legal advantages for the consumer that you are seriously doing yourself a disservice by not making the call today and ending your unnecessary fear, shame, anger, anxiety and other emotional distress that can be compensated financially due to your suffering caused by creditors' and collectors' abuse of their power and responsibility.

Know Your Rights

Corporate financial lenders have been granted a kind of "personhood" but they cannot stand as an aggrieved "person" in court with nearly the same power and legitimacy as you can. In fact, all the power these predatory lenders have is held within your own signature on the dotted line. As quickly as you can generate income for them through your signatory power, you can wield the same power when facing down your accusers, who, unlike you, must have so many i's dotted and t's crossed that along the way, that the ensuing legal clerical glitches and technical defaults on their end will often render their chances to continuing to hound you for alleged debts null and void, and may entitle you to compensation. 

Debtors Have Hope in California

It sometimes seems overwhelming, especially when you receive notices to pay a debt that perhaps you aren't able to pay. Hospital bills, home mortgages and foreclosure proceedings, car loans in default, and mountains of student loan debt -- our financial and legal system are deluged by it, and creditors have resorted to craftier and more conniving ways to get you scared into paying up. But, there is hope for those under a mountain of debt. And, you're not alone. There are millions just like you receiving these persistent letters from creditors, collection agencies, and the lawyers for creditors, the most of whom don't realize they have many legal tools available to fight back! I am well-practiced in how to take down these giants of the financial industry in a few moves that challenge their debt claims' validity -- and I am here as your partner in the restoration of your hope, your good credit and your financial peace of mind.


Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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