Most news articles on consumer law are needlessly confusing. Attorney Mike Cardoza takes a straight, no-nonsense approach on the current issues facing consumers today. Our blog provides an insider’s view on consumer rights, and explores topics such as threats to privacy and unfair credit reporting. Be sure to check back for regular updates.

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  • Medical Collections - The Doctor is Out! Let’s say you got a medical bill that didn’t make any sense, and your doctor agreed that you shouldn’t be billed for such-and-such. Is the bill going to go away
  • Arbitration: Opt-out! Arbitration takes away any right you have to sue in court, and requires you to pay an arbitrator who will likely vote for the company that made agree to service
  • Do Credit Unions Really Care? It doesn’t cost you anything to get peace of mind. Hopefully, credit unions will get the message, clean up their act, and focus on customers first!