How an Identity Theft Attorney Can Help You Cardoza Law CorporationWhen you first realize that someone has gotten ahold of your private financial information, you may feel violated and be shocked into inaction. You have probably heard that it can be a very difficult situation to overcome and you may feel a sense of hopelessness at first. However, it is by taking quick action that you can begin to recover from this violation and begin to take back the control that has been stolen from you. I have helped dozens of people in California recover from identity theft, and I can help you, too—for FREE!

What to Do First

If you discover that an account has been opened fraudulently in your name or are contacted by a debt collector for a loan someone else took out in your name, the first thing you should do is file a police report with local law enforcement and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These two actions will begin the “paper trail” you will need to prove your case later on. It is unlikely that the police or FTC will do anything for you, but it’s still important to file the reports. The next thing you should do is get in touch with me.

What I Can Do for You

When you fill out the form on my website to get my FREE identity theft repair kit, I will email you all the forms and instructions you need to fix identity theft-related debt and credit reporting errors. Then, I will assist you in contacting creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus as necessary. How does my assistance help your claim? Here are a few reasons.

  • When you contact a creditor or debt collector on your own, you will probably deal with their customer service department, which really has no authority to fix anything. When you use my tools, your complaint will go to the legal department, where it will be taken seriously.
  • Once they know you are working with me, these agencies will be prohibited from contacting you further. So, if you are being harassed by a debt collector for debt incurred by an identity thief, that will stop.
  • I will be able to determine whether you are owed restitution in addition to having identity theft-related information removed from your various records. Both federal and California laws require creditors to investigate any claim of identity theft and, if they fail to do so after being properly notified, to pay damages to the victim. These damages could be significant, but no creditor is going to offer you restitution when you are not represented by a lawyer.

The best part is that when you work with me, I won’t charge you anything unless you collect damages. At that point, my fee will come out of the damages, not out of your pocket.

Why Won’t Just Any Attorney Do?

You may have worked with an attorney in the past for a family legal matter or an insurance issue and think they could handle an identity theft claim for you as well—and maybe they can. You just want to make sure that they:

  • Have prepared and filed complaints and represented other victims of identity theft in court.
  • Have handled cases like yours and have been successful in winning damages.
  • Will not charge you for any of the work they do for you unless they secure restitution for you.

If your attorney does not meet these criteria, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad attorney—it just means he is not as prepared to handle your identity theft-related legal claim as I am. Why waste your time? Fill out my identity theft help request and you will get all the help you need right away. Remember, you have a limited amount of time to act after you have discovered identity theft, so don’t delay. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Reach out to me today online or call me directly at 855.982.2400.


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