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Shawn Z.* from the San Francisco Bay Area was getting random unwanted phone calls from a debt collection company.

He didn't want to hear from them anymore and just wanted the phone calls and letters to stop.

Shawn had heard something about sending a letter or telling them to stop calling him, but it wasn't until he went on the internet for a solution that he found The Collection Blocker on my site.

Shawn downloaded the letter template and followed my instructions exactly. The collection calls stopped - except for ONE letter, which (not surprisingly) happen to violate the strict laws about Debt Collection communications

took Shawn's case on a contingent fee basis - meaning that I don't get paid unless my client wins. Some time later, the case was resolved to everyone's satisfaction before trial by way of a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT.

Shawn Never Heard From That Debt Collection Company Ever Again.

The moral of this story is that Debt Collection laws protect consumers, they're very strict, they can lead to peace and quiet, and, in some cases compensation. When you send exactly the right letter, in exactly the right way, your chances of success change dramatically!

If you are getting unwanted Debt Collection calls or letters, check out The Collection Blocker - Shawn is glad that he did. You can also contact me online or call me directly at 415.802.0137.

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