Myrna R.* came to me from San Diego and had gone through "worried," beyond "mad," and had arrived at "gonna get something done about it."

Myrna was getting these random calls day and night on her cell and home phone.

Except that they weren't random - they were a debt collector looking for who? Mryna R! Except the only problem is that MY Myrna R. wasn't THEIR Mryna R. Well, she told them and they said "Ok." And then, they called back, and called back, and called and called and called again. (The phone calls all started with sort of a weird pause before the operator with a foreign accent would start speaking.) 

So, it was an easier case than most because she had figured out what nest from which these drones who were attacking her by phone were coming. How? She asked them. She had started a phone log (a record of when they called and from what number), AND she had sent them a "cease & desist" letter. A letter which was really just a FAX scribbled out on a piece of paper that told them to stop calling her on her phone number (555) 555-5555.

It may not have occured to you that:

Debt Collection Laws protect you from debt collectors - whether you are the debtor OR NOT!

It's like one of those weird nature facts like, "butterflies can taste with their feet." Wow. You wouldn't have thought about it but it kind of makes sense now that you hear it. It's true though, and I'll tell you what happened:

One Federal Lawsuit later, Myrna's case was resolved to everyone's satisfaction by way of a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT which prevents me from telling you more about it.

But: If you're in this situation - or something like it - Get a Free Case Evaluation now please. You may be entitled to monetary compensation and to have my fees paid for with no upfront cost to you.

Stop the Madness.

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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