Wise consumers take advantage of their annual free credit reports to review the information they contain. Because loan approval, insurance rates, and job applications can depend on a clean credit report, it is important that you know what’s on your report each year and take steps to remove any inaccurate information. We explain how to do that here.

What Information Is on Your Credit Report?

Your credit report contains important and sensitive information, including your address, whether you pay your bills on time, whether you have been sued or arrested, and whether youHow to Fix Errors on a Credit Report have filed for bankruptcy. It also lists credit accounts you have—both active and closed. Often the first indication you have that your identity has been stolen is seeing unfamiliar information on your credit report. If someone has opened a credit card account in your name, it will appear on your credit report. If you find that your report has incorrect or unfamiliar information on it, you should take steps to correct it.

How to Correct a Credit Report

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you should take the following steps when you find false information on a credit report:

  1. Send a letter to the credit reporting agency (CRA) telling them what information is incorrect. Send copies of any documents that support your claim. The CRA must investigate your claim within 30 days and inform you of their decision when the investigation is complete.
  2. Inform the furnisher of the information to the CRA that the information is false. CRAs do not create the information on your report. Instead, they receive information about you from credit card companies, insurance agencies, individuals, and law enforcement. If one of these entities has provided false information, they should be informed.
Both the CRA and the furnisher of information are required by law to remove or correct false information. If you do not get results following your dispute letter, contact the experienced consumer attorneys at the Cardoza Law Corporation. Not only will we fight to clear your report, but we will also sue for damages. Contact us online or call us directly at 855.982.2400 today for your free consultation. 


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