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Julienna T.* from San Diego checked her credit report and found that a debt-buyer had been reporting false and inaccurate information to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

She KNEW it wasn't accurate and that she could actually PROVE it! What's more, she knew - that the debt buyer knew - that it was inaccurate. How about that? It happens all the time.

Julienna talked to her parents, she talked her teachers, and her friends and she was assured by everyone that this credit blemish just wasn't going to go away - until she called me.

A blatant violation of the California Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act (or CCRAA as we call it in the business) happens when a lender, creditor, or debt collector reports information to a credit bureau that they know - or have reason to know - is incomplete or inaccurate.

I took this case on a contingent fee basis - meaning that I don't get paid unless my client wins. Julienna was in a time-crunch, so we just went straight after the debt-buyer and filed a lawsuit within a few days. (The legal process isn't fast, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be finished.) BANG!

Just because you sue, doesn't mean you're going to be able to settle quickly, by the way. You've got to prove to the defendant that you're willing to go all the way to trial to protect your rights - and that's what Julienna T.* was prepared to do...

Some time later, this case was resolved to everyone's satisfaction before trial by way of a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT.

The lesson in Julienna's case is, if you think something is hinky or not-quite-right about one of your credit reports or you're getting incorrect bills or collection notices - get a Free Case Evaluation to see if you would benefit from getting a lawyer on your side!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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