Megan H. Troy, Esq.

Megan H. Troy, Esq.

  • Cardoza Law Corporation
  • 548 Market Street, #80594 San Francisco, CA 94104

Megan Troy is a California Consumer Protection Litigation attorney who fights for the rights of Consumers to be free of debt collection harassment and credit reporting errors.

Since graduating at the top of her class from Georgetown Law School and UCLA, Megan has over 20 years of experience litigating in federal and state courts and representing clients before federal and state commissions.

Megan worked to become a high-powered partner at the law firms of Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP and KL Gates and is a noted author and speaker. She now applies her experience as a courtroom litigator in defense of individuals whose consumer rights are being violated by debt collectors, creditors, banks, credit unions, and credit reporting agencies.

Megan believes that every American deserves a level playing-field and the ability to fight back and win if they’re being treated unfairly. She loves running, puppies, Spring, and her Aunt Nini.