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This one.

If you want to fix errors in your credit report in the way that best takes advantage of your legal rights, then do it with attorney who will evaluate your case for free, draft your dispute letters for free, and, if you have a case, sue the Credit Reporting Agencies on your behalf for no money down.

Don’t worry, I’m not “old school” or living in a hut: I use the U.S. Mail because it creates a self-authenticating chain of evidence to use in your federal lawsuit - should it come to that. In which case, I would like to potentially be your lawyer.

Don’t pay scammers to spam the credit bureaus on your behalf because it can wreck a legitimate dispute and make your report MORE of a mess. (*But do tell me if you think you’ve been ripped off by them - because there’s a law for that too.)

Click Here to find out more about your problem and to see if you've got a case. You'll be glad you did!

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Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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U.S. Marine & Consumer Financial Protection Attorney helping victims of ID theft and Credit Reporting errors.
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Sean P. 03/04/2016 06:36 PM
Thanks for this and I'm sure you're doing great business because of it!
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