"Myrna Rodgers* doesn't live here - stop calling me!"

Are you saying that way too often lately?

Well, guess what - you're in the RIGHT PLACE

Federal Debt Collection Laws protect you - even though you AREN'T the debtor!  

Really. These laws were also passed in order to keep debt collectors from bugging people who DON'T owe debt. So, if you're getting these calls for someone else and it sounds like a debt collector (you know; often vague, sometimes intimidating), here's how to make them STOP:

1. Find out what company is calling you.

When they get on the phone, just ask, "hey, what company are you calling from again...?" You can aslo use Google to look up the phone number and see what company the number is associated with - but this is the tougher route because many collectors will use "cloaked" numbers in your local area code. Best to get them to tell you who they are.

2. Tell them not to call you anymore.

Simple. Like this: "I have told you that I'm not Myrna [or not the same John Smith you're looking for], so don't call me at this phone number any more - you're disturbing me." Then, take the extra 5 minutes and rip a page out of your kid's notebook and scribble "To Whom it May Concern: You've called me 5 times in the last month and I've told you already to stop because I'm not Myrna Rodgers. So, please, do not contact me anymore at my phone number (555) 555-1212." Then just shove that in the FAX machine to the company you identified in #1 above and save that FAX transmission receipt.

3. Get a FREE Case Evaluation. (The fun part)

That's right: The consumer protection laws about debt collection and robo-dialing are designed to protect you - whether you owe any debt, or not! That means you may have a solid case that could entitle you to compensation and to a court order that these people stop dialing you once and for all! I usually take these cases on contingency, so beyond the effort of figuring out who is doing it, telling them to stop, and calling me, there's no up front cost required for you!

DON'T waste another good minute with a bad thought about the people who are illegally bugging you. It isn't worth it. You don't need to change your phone number! Just follow the three steps above and let the laws work for you.


* This pseudonym courtesy of all the Myrna Rodgers' out there in America - there's more you than you think! Thank you ladies.

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