Kevin T. from Los Angeles*

had been through seven "rounds" of credit report disputing with a Credit Repair Company (to remain unnamed). It had cost him over $1000 by the time all of the up-front fees and additional costs had been factored in. He let me know, in fact, that he wansn't sure if he could drive his lime-green minivan for one more day without going crazy!

The Credit Repair Company had done the same sort of spammy blast of generic disputes of Kevin's credit reports that I describe in some other of my blog posts. He did notice that his score came up a little due to some super-old items being immediately deleted but...

What bothered Kevin the most was the entry on his report that he KNEW was wrong. Kevin had all the proof that he had never actually owed the debt and that the credit reporting entry was totally inaccurate. He had even tried to dispute it himself online and gotten nowhere. Now, the Credit Repair Company was telling Kevin that there was nothing that could be done about it. They had tried and it hadn't come off.

Kevin asked them "aren't there some laws that say that complete errors have to be removed?" and the answer was "Yeah, but we don't do legal..." Kevin was just stunned. That's when he called me. I said "No, you're not crazy - they just really don't do legal!" And, I told him, it sounded like he had good proof that the item in question should come off.

In a cool (but not unusual in California) twist, the actual creditor also became liable under California State law for misreporting the debt to the credit bureaus - and we sued them too!

I won't say that Kevin got rich from it all (the settlement is confidential), but with the cash payment in compensation and the removal of the item from ALL of his reports - he's no longer driving the lime-green minivan to work!

Success stories like Kevin's are happening every day. If you've got credit reporting frustrations, don't wait, get FREE help right now. Call, chat, and/or request a Free Case Evaluation so I can find out if you have a case where I can represent you for no money down that can fix your credit report and possibly entitle you to compensation!

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