Michelle R.* from the San Francisco Bay Area

Figured that the Credit Bureau's denial of her credit reporting dispute was the end of it.

When I asked her what had happened, she told me that she had gone to the public library, gotten a book on credit repair, visited the FTC website, researched how to dispute a credit reporting error, and then written up a detailed dispute and submitted it by mail (the best way) to all three credit bureaus.

Two of them deleted the account from her report but the third one did not.

None of Michelle's books told her what to do next except that there were powerful State and Federal laws that require credit bureaus to investigate and delete credit reporting errors when they are properly disputed by the consumer.

That's when Michelle called me for some free legal advice!

"What else can I do?" she asked. "Plenty!" I said. I asked her to send me a copy of those dispute letters and her credit report and told her that I'd get back to her. Get back to her I did:

Within 24 hours, I sent her a contingency fee retainer agreement to represent her for no money down and we went to work.

We did one more dispute to BOTH the creditor and the credit bureaus and when that (no surprise) failed to get the error deleted, we sued - two defendants. The credit bureau and the creditor.

It was totally obvious from just the documents alone that there was no way that the credit bureau or the creditor had done a meaningful investigation of Michelle's dispute. 

This proof, coupled with our active federal lawsuit, put them in the position where they had to either settle the case or lose thousands of dollars litigating a losing battle.

Michelle received a confidential settlement and those negative items on her credit reports are gone forever!

If you're in Michelle's position - or something similar to it - don't think that a credit report dispute denial is the end of the road because it's often just the beginning. And it can end pleasantly! Call me, use the contact box on the right of this page, or request a Free Case Evaluation to see how I can help you get the credit report that you're entitled to!

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