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Should I Pay a Credit Repair Company?

Here are some things you should know before you do:

1. Credit repair companies have a financial incentive to keep you on their "plan" for as long as possible.

These companies often charge an up-front "set up" fee and then a monthly fee that can range from $90 to over $300. Since they essentially get paid for making an effort every month - and not by the results they get you - their incentive is to keep "trying" for as many months as possible. This is known in the business as doing multiple "rounds" of disputing.

2. Credit repair companies often send blanket generic disputes about anything remotely "negative" on your report in the hopes that something will stick.

And most of the time, it doesnt. At worst, "your" disputes get classified as "frivolous" by the credit bureaus and they stop paying attention - even if you have a legitimate complaint!

3. Many times, your opportunity to find and corrrect a legitimate error on your report is lost in the churning snowstorm of one-size-fits-all disputes filed on your behalf by the credit repair company.

And once your dispute is classified as frivolous, it's much harder to get a credit bureau to pay attention to your legitmate complaint.

Here's an alternative:

Get help with your legitimate credit reporting errors for free - from a proven attorney-designed process that not only creates the Killer Disputes most likely to get your error corrected or deleted, it sets up what could be a GREAT legal case against the credit bureaus should they fail to do the right thing!

I built The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine so that you do exactly that. I will deliver to you all of the best forms, language and letter templates - right exactly when you need them by email - that you need to fire off The Killer Dispute that will get your credit reporting problem fixed one way or another. Sign up right now - it's totally FREE and you owe it to yourself!