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Your Killer QWR didn't work?

OK - NO Big Deal! 

In fact, you might now be on the Fast Track to actually get something accomplished!

In about two minutes, I'm going to send you - via email - an invitation for a Free Case Evaluation (see, I kind of knew this moment might be coming...)

When you get that email, please use the uploader link (or FAX, or email, or the post) to send me a copy of:

1) Your Killer QWR with enclosures,

2) the Certified Mail Return Receipt that proves they got it, and

3) a short note about anything else you think I may need to know as I evaluate your case (for instance, tell me about the impact this had had on your life - seriously.)

I'll reach out to you by phone or email and let you know what's next.

You're on the right track - see you in email!







Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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