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The Collection Blocker Didn't Work For You?!

OK - Let's Get After Them! 

In fact, you might now be on the Fast Track to actually get something accomplished (and get paid)!

In about two minutes, I'm going to send you - via email - an invitation for a Free Case Evaluation (see, I kind of knew this moment could be coming...)

When you get that email, please use the uploader link (or FAX, or email, or the post) to send me a copy of:

1) Your Collection Blocker letter that you sent them,

2) the Certified Mail Return Receipt and/or FAX Transmission Confirmation that proves they got it, and

3) a screen shot of the phone calls or copy of the letters sent after you sent The Collection Blocker.

I'll reach out to you by phone or email and let you know what's next.

You're on the right track - see you in email!



Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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U.S. Marine & Consumer Financial Protection Attorney dedicated to fighting debt and credit bureau harassment.