Do you know this feeling?

It's the one where something just doesn't add up. At first, you think it's your fault, but then after thinking about it for days and looking at all the bills, you realize that it never was your fault in the first place, because it's some kind of billing error!

What do you do? Most of you are going to be a little bit annoyed and you'll call the company who did it to you and try to get some help from their "Customer Service" department. Oh, they sound friendly, and so do the people who they transfer you to - over and over again. So, STOP RIGHT THERE!

Don't torture yourself and your family with another round of pointless phone conversations that go nowhere.

Here's what you do: 

Step 1: Explain the problem - in writing -  and how it's their fault in a short little note and INCLUDE the proof (statements, bills, etc.).

Step 2: Send that note - with the proof - to the company via FAX or mail and keep a copy of the transmission receipt or certified mail receipt,

Step 3: If it isn't fixed to your total satisfaction WITHIN 15 days of you sending that proof, you send me a copy for a FREE Case Evaluation.

That's right - believe it or not - in California, "Billing Errors" (which is usually what the company who is doing it to you wants to call it) that aren't corrected within 15 Days of the company being notified, may subject them to legal liability. The kind of liability that gets them sued, gets your problem fixed, pays for my attorney's fee and the costs of litigation, and may entitle you to extra compensation!

I often take these cases for no money down, which leaves you free to live your life while I fix your problem using the legal system. Believe me, your calls to India or wherever went nowhere, but a real live lawsuit in the U.S.A. typically gets their attention fast!

If you've got a problem like this, you need to ACT FAST because the law only provides a short window of time (usually 12 months from when you discovered the problem) for you to take legal action. Follow Steps 1 & 2 and then get ready to get in touch with me for a Free Case Evaluation. Fix this thing the right way - and put your worries behind you!

Check out this video if you want to hear me explain how this works in less than two minutes!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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