California Residents Looking for Errors on Credit Reports Mike Cardoza LawWe all know there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Disputing an error on your credit report is no exception. You can protect a possible lawsuit against the credit reporting agency when you file a dispute the right way the first time. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and California law, you have a right to an accurate credit report, and credit reporting agencies are required to investigate all disputes. However, unless you take certain steps when filing your dispute, you may jeopardize your consumer rights.

What Californians Should Do When Filing a Dispute

If you have found a mistake on any one of your credit reports—congratulations! The fact that you reviewed your reports and paid attention to what should and should not be on them is a great first step to protecting your rights. What you do next is just as important. As a California consumer attorney, I advise all consumers to do the following:

Always Dispute Credit Reporting Error With the Credit Bureau

Even if the mistake is actually the fault of a creditor, you will have to inform the credit reporting agency of the mistake, not just the furnisher of the false information. While it is not illegal for a credit bureau to report inaccurate information, it is illegal for them not to investigate your dispute.

Preserve the Credit Report Evidence

If you are claiming that a credit reporting agency failed to investigate your dispute, you will have to provide documents to prove that you reported it and you will need evidence of the harm the error has caused you. Make copies of everything you send to the credit bureau, send everything by certified mail, and keep any documents that show that the error on your report has cost you, such as denials of credit, increasing interest rates, etc.

Never Use the Online Credit Reporting Dispute Option

The strongest claims against credit bureaus are detailed and provide evidence. There is very little room on online dispute forms to do this. Instead, mail a letter that details how the information on the report is wrong and include evidence that proves the mistake. Keep a copy of all of this and send it by certified mail so you have a receipt.

Call An Experienced Credit Reporting Error Attorney!

Who has the time to deal with all of this? I do, that’s who! I know you’re busy and finding the time to track down evidence, write a detailed letter, etc. can be impossible. When you contact me, however, I will guide you through the process—at no cost to you!

I know it’s hard to believe, but I will help you make those errors go away and may even be able to get you compensation, and I won’t charge you a thing. My fee comes if and when I successfully sue a credit reporting agency on your behalf—and not before. Learn more about how this works here, then contact me online or, better yet, call me directly at 855.982.2400!


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