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My credit report dispute was denied - now what?

It's not over: 

You may be entitled to sue for correction of your report and for compensation!

Let me tell you why and how. 

First, don't feel bummed out about it. In my experience, about 50% of all legitimate credit reporting disputes are denied. Why? It's usually because:

  • the dispute wasn't appropriately worded and documented or

  • because the credit burueas don't do the investigation that they're supposed to do.

So, here's the checklist of what to do next:

1. If your dispute didn't go by mail or include supporting documentation, do that right now.*

2. Next, if your dispute from #1 above gets denied, get a Free Case Evaluation to see if you're entitled to sue in court for correction of your report and possibly for compensation.

I practice exactly this type of law and, in virtually all of these cases, will represent you for no-money down (sometimes a client pays for costs). 

If you're interested in WHY and HOW these things happen, you might enjoy a related article entitled "How to Fix Your Credit Report Dispute Denial"

* Do you want step-by-step instructions, forms, language, and letter templates delivered to you by email - exactly when you need them - by me? Sign up for The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine because it's 100% FREE and I built it for you!