If Your Credit Report Dispute Has Been Denied, You're in the Right Place…

First, don't feel frustrated about it. In my experience, about 50% of all legitimate credit reporting disputes are denied. Why? It's usually because:

  • The dispute wasn't appropriately worded and documented or,
  • Because the credit bureaus don't do the investigation that they're supposed to do.

So, Here's the Checklist of What to Do Next for Your Credit Report Despute:

  1. If your dispute didn't go by mail or include supporting documentation, do that right now.
  2. Next, if your dispute from #1 above gets denied, get a Free Case Evaluation to see if you're entitled to sue in court for correction of your report and possibly for compensation.

Now That You've Set Up the Credit Bureaus for Legal Liability…What Next?

As I've mentioned, getting credit report disputes denied doesn't throw you out of the game. In fact, it's often the starting point for a very effective lawsuit. Why? What's going on?

The credit bureaus (think Equifax, Transunion, Experian and a whole bunch more…) are so overwhelmed with data and changes to that data that they sometimes make very poor choices—like offshoring customer service functions to independant contractors who have very little supervision. Have you had that experience?

What happens out there in that country is anybody's guess, but alot of times, it is NOT what is legally required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act which says, among other things, that credit reporting disputes have to be meaningfully investigated. A minimum wage computer operator in Manila isn't always able to provide that level of effort or accuracy. When that happens, the credit bureau can be liable to you in court for not only correcting the report, but for sometimes paying you compensation as well. A great feature of the law says that the defendant has to pay for your attorney's fees.

I practice exactly this type of law and, in virtually all of these cases, will represent you for no-money down

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