Have you recently completed a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Here's your Credit Score Recovery Plan:

Step 1: Check Your Credit Reports!

Something like 50% of post-bankruptcy Credit Reports have some kind of error in them that is hurting you! No kidding, your former lenders, creditors, banks, and debt collectors are often unable or unwilling to follow the Credit Reporting laws and make the proper entries in your Credit Reports ("Discharged in BK - balance:$0). Sometimes they just keep doing hard pulls on your credit, checking your score every month just like they used to be able to do before you discharged them in Bankruptcy! That's illegal and has to stop! Get Free Help to identify and dispute these credit reporting errors with The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine (written by me).

Step 2: Join a Credit Union.

Credit Unions are great places to bank because they offer competitive products at lower rates with often excellent service. Also, their data isn't as readily available for sale in the information market and that makes your money more secure!

Step 3: Get Secured Credit Cards from that Credit Union.

You can get a secured credit cards by depositing some cash in a long term account. These are great because they're going to report your excellent new consumer history to the Credit Bureaus. Get three or so, use them every month, and then pay them every month (in full) using auto-pay. Get a little more good information on Secured Credit Cards right here.

Step 4: Be Patient.

Time, the great healer, is going to work wonders on your Credit Report AND on your mental well-being. This is Step 4 because you DO have to get busy up-front to get the other three things done right away! But then, just relax and take it easy knowing that you've got a solid plan and that it's working. You can monitor your Credit Scores with various paid products - but know this: the Credit Scores they sell you, are NOT the ones that they sell to creditors and lenders. Really!

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Life.

Things are different now. Maybe they're still stressful, but you've put a major thing way back into your past and it's time to get on with the clean fresh start. Enjoy!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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U.S. Marine & Consumer Financial Protection Attorney helping victims of ID theft and Credit Reporting errors.
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