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Are you rebuilding your credit score after bankruptcy? I'm Consumer Financial Protection Attorney Mike Cardoza and I'm here today to tell you the single most important secret to doing just that. I call it a secret, because it's the most overlooked step to building back a credit score after bankruptcy and it's possibly the most significant. After your bankruptcy discharge, when it's all said and done, your bankruptcy attorney will point you in the direction of rebuilding your credit. Maybe they've pointed you to me today.

The thing you're going to hear from other people, which is true, are things like, "Get a secure credit card, get three of them. Charge on them every month. Pay them all off in full every month. Join a Credit Union. Use auto-pay, so that you're never late on anything." All that stuff is good, but what you never hear about are credit reporting errors, to check your report for errors. I have found that about 50% of post-bankruptcy discharge credit reports have some kind of error in it that is bad for the consumer. 50%!

The two most common types of errors are these: When the creditor fails to note that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy and put a zero balance on there. The other one is when they continue to do these hard pull inquiries month after month, like as if you still had a business relationship and as if they were entitled to do that. Well, you don't anymore and they aren't, but it continues to happen and it hurts your credit score.

I practice credit reporting law and I've made it super-simple for you to find and fix credit reporting errors that may be damaging your score. I designed and built The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine for you to make the most killer credit reporting disputes that, if they don't in and of themselves get your credit report fixed or the trades lines deleted, at least, they build a really solid foundation for a lawsuit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If it turns out that you've got a case, I usually take those for free, because the law says that the defendant has to pay my fee and fix your credit report.

So, there it is. Take action today to find out if you've got credit reporting errors post-bankruptcy that are affecting your credit score that shouldn't be. Navigate yourself to and enroll for free. There are no upsells, there are no hidden charges. I guarantee you.


In this video, I explain the: 

"Secret" - the single most overlooked method - to improving your Credit Score after getting debts discharged in Bankruptcy.

Why is this method so Secret?! 

It's simply because most Bankruptcy Attorneys who are advising you about your Bankruptcy assume that the lenders, creditors, and debt collectors are going to play by the rules and follow the Bankrupty Code and do what they're supposed to once your Bankruptcy is finished. But they don't!

Lenders, creditors, and debt collectors often don't follow the Bankruptcy Code or the Credit Reporting Laws! Why not? If you want the answer to that question (which I find to be more pathetic than it is evil), you'll be intrigued by my Free Book: The Secret World of Debt Collection.

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