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Be the person who simply KNOWS that their credit report is the very best it can be - all the time.

Have access to the right deals on credit card and auto loans - not ripoffs meant for someone else!

Get into your car every morning with the relaxed confidence that you’re on your way to an even more solid financial future.**


Government studies show that over 40 Million Americans have errors on their credit report. 40 Million! Are you one of them? Are you sure?

(Maybe you’re thinking “Hmmph, maybe the errors are actually in my favor.” Not likely, my friend.

(Maybe you’re thinking, “if they fixed my credit report, it would be even worse!” Again, no.

That’s not the way The Machine (and the credit reporting world) works. See, you just get to tell the creditors and credit bureaus where they’re wrong and they have to remove it - poof!

And if they don’t, you get to sue them. You don’t tell them how to report things correctly (unless you want to) - that’s not your job!


Are you starting to imagine what The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine can do for you and your family? Is it starting to be worth it?

** How much money is a 2% better car loan on an average sedan worth over 2 years? (... psst, it’s $712.54)


Here’s how The Machine got so powerful:

>>The Machine knows how to make a killer dispute that can be turned into an effective lawsuit - but - it also knows that you’re the one who knows the facts about your credit history. Teams are always way stronger than the individual.

>>The credit reporting disputes come from you and are in your words (with some help templating and formatting, addressing, and with content, of course). This means that it’s extra-dangerous for the credit bureaus to ignore them!

>>Dynamic Document Delivery (DDD) means that you don’t have to digest an x-hundred page book and figure out what backpage forms to use and when. With DDD, only the relevant sections, checklists, instructions, and letter templates are delivered to you directly to your email - exactly when you need to use them - based on what’s happening to you in that moment.


Take action and own The Machine right now - today (and forever). Make the commitment to get back your money that’s leaking away in credit reporting errors. Spend it on something else, like your kids!


So, What does it cost?!  If you've done the research, you know that Credit Repair Organizations will charge you At Least $89 per month, with hundreds of more dollars in a down payment. That price often reaches $1200.00, or more, over the life of your subscription! (And so many of these organizations are financially motivated to keep you subscribed for as long as possible!)

Price:  $ 897


* Because I do things a little differently (and I think you have a right to information that you could get from a public library): 


The Ultimate Credit Clean-Up Machine is,


(except for your email address, and you can use a cheesy one - it doesn't matter)

Do yourself and your family the favor today:  The peace of mind is worth it - and so is your credit!

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