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Cardoza Law Corporation

Are You Facing a Debt Collection Lawsuit in the San Francisco Bay Area? For a Flat Fee of $1499.00, Our Firm Will:

  • Fight for YOU in and out of court - All the way through trial!
  • Handle all written and verbal communications with your creditor and their collection attorneys,
  • File all necessary forms, motions, pleadings, affidavits, and legal briefs with the court,
  • Make or provide necessary appearances at hearings, meetings, depositions, and conferences related to the case,
  • Negotiate the settlement of your creditor’s claim - if that’s what you want,
  • And, most importantly, review all of the facts and documents in your case for evidence of illegal debt collection and/or any other actionable violations of your consumer rights!


*We will do all of the legal heavy-lifting, like analyzing your documents and the history and facts of your case and comparing it with the many State and Federal laws that may benefit you, but we need some participation from you.

We will ask (and make it easy) for you to upload (or mail) all of the documents that pertain to your case or cases and to give us your personal information like where you actually live, what your phone number is, and, in some cases, your social security number.

We will also ask you to collect and save mailings and voicemails that may help your case and in some cases, we will recommend that you write certain letters (like Credit Report disputes) that will help your case enormously.

Filling out the form on this page will begin the process of your Free Case Evaluation and we will then send you regular emails with step-by-step instructions on how to send us the facts and evidence in your case. If we can take your case and you decide to have us represent you, only then will we enter into a fee agreement and an attorney client relationship. Even until then, all of your information is strictly confidential and our evaluation is completely Free.

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U.S. Marine & Consumer Financial Protection Attorney dedicated to fighting debt and credit bureau harassment.