Do find yourself saying this too often? (And in my opinion, about 3 times is enough for me...)

Getting debt collection calls for Someone Else?

Know this: Power Federal and State debt collection laws protect you, even if you are NOT the Debtor!

Check out the video on this page for the full story and learn how to make those calls stop forever (and how to potentially receive compensation) with these Three Easy Steps.

So, if you're getting what you think are debt collection calls for someone else: Take action today!


Are you getting debt collection calls for somebody else... read transcript

Are you getting debt collection calls for somebody else entirely? I'm Consumer Financial Protection Attorney Mike Cardoza, and if these phone calls for Myrna Rodriguez or a different John Smith - or whoever - are just driving you insane, here's how to make them stop. The most important thing you can do in this situation is to find out what company is calling you. If you pick up the phone, you just ask them, "Hey, where are you calling from?" Or if they're calling and you've got the caller ID just do a reverse lookup online and see what company that number's associated with.

When you talk to them, tell them not to call you anymore, that you're the wrong person. If you want to make it even tighter, draft up a little letter. You can handwrite it on your kids' notebook paper and fire it off in the fax machine to that company. Say, "Hey, I'm not that person. Don't call me on this phone number anymore."

Whether they call you again or not, you should capture all that information and call me for a free case evaluation because the federal debt collection laws that are designed to protect consumers do, whether you're the debtor or not, it doesn't matter.

You might be entitled to compensation, payment of my attorney’s fees and a federal court order that says these people aren't allowed to call you on your phone anymore. How's that for pretty powerful?

So, stop stressing about it, gather the information, tell them not to call you and then call me - All right? I'm sorry this is happening!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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