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I'm consumer protection attorney Mike Cardoza. Let me tell you why I do what I do because I think you deserve to know the truth behind credit and collections. You don't - because you're not living in that world. I was a credit and collections executive for years and I know exactly how the game is played. You're working at an unfair advantage and you don't have all the knowledge.

Your debts means everything to you, your debts means nothing to your creditors and collectors. Because most people pay, the fact that some people don't has already been priced into the model! I thought you'd enjoy that special little tidbit. Also, powerful consumer protection laws may entitle you to compensation for illegal debt collections which are either harassing or don't follow the statutes that they're supposed to, or maybe your credit report has inaccurate information and you've disputed it and it doesn't come off. You may be able to file a lawsuit for no money down and be entitled to compensation and correction of your credit report!

You want to know my "Why?"

Why it is, exactly, that I do what I do?

Here it is: with both barrels!

Michael F. Cardoza, Esq.
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U.S. Marine & Consumer Financial Protection Attorney helping victims of ID theft and Credit Reporting errors.