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You may right now be entitled to compensation from your creditors, debt collectors and consumer reporting agencies and not even know it! I'm attorney Mike Cardoza, and I'm here to help you sue your debt collectors, creditors and credit reporting agencies for no money down.

There are millions of credit reporting and debt collection transactions taking place very month, and most all of them are governed by strict federal laws which provide relief for consumers who know how to use them to their advantage.

These laws are complicated and the sheer volume of the businesses that they seek to regulate are just too large to be compliant with all of the rules 100% of the time. How do I know? Because I was a senior executive at both a debt buying company and a large debt collection law firm for a total of 7 years, and I've seen it up close and first hand, many, many times. The law is on your side, it can earn you a cash settlement, correction of your credit report, and possibly satisfaction of your debt, and it pays my fee as your attorney.

I only take solid cases, but you might have one right now, and not even know it. If I take your case it doesn't cost you anything, because the law ensures that my fees get paid by the Defendant.

You've probably got some negative feelings surrounding your situation. If you're feeling depressed or guilty because you think you owe the money, let those feelings go - because you're actually paying interest that's being applied to late fees, and even previous interest charges! Maybe you're feeling frustrated, or outraged, that you can't seem to get your credit report fixed. Don't worry, lawsuits have a way of helping those things along. Just let whatever negative feelings you have - go. This is a business and legal situation and I'm here to help you make the best of it.

Pick up the phone and call now for a no cost evaluation. It's that easy, and you owe it to yourself!

Sometimes, things just don't get done until you break out the big stick! Fortunately, it's easier than you think and it may not cost you anything up front. Check out this video in order to understand why...









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