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Are you looking for the letter to write to a debt collector that's just going to stop them dead in their tracks. No more phone calls to your cellphone, to your home phone and no more letters, no more emails perhaps no more texts, nothing, just silence. I've got it for you. It's for free. I call it The Collection Blocker. You can download it, and I'll send it to you by email with some instructions - and it will be effective.

How do I know? Well the long story to this short video is I that used to be a debt collector, and somebody asked me the other day "Mike, what's the most dangerous thing that a consumer could do - from your perspective as a debt collector?" And I thought about it for a while, and, it's this letter. It's this Cease and Desist, Do Not Contact, Collection Blocker, call it whatever you want. As long as it fit within the federal and in some cases, the state law, it put major and massive legal liability on us as collectors.

If we caught it and did the right thing, we either deep-sixed the account, we sold it on to somebody else, or maybe we teed it up for lawsuit, which by the way is the reason people will tell you not to send this letter, but I'll tell you: the older your debt gets, the less it's worth. So, the less you're going to pay for it when you settle it out eventually - if you ever do - and a lot of debts just go past the statute limitations without being sued, so you're never going to get sued on it anyway.

Okay - that's another topic for another video, which I will cover, but anyway I thought about this letter and I thought "Hey, why am I not giving this to my Consumer Financial Protection clients?" I sat down and I crafted what I think is the most effective and potentially dangerous letter for debt collectors and I've got it for you here - for free. This is either going to stop all the phone calls to your cellphone and your home phone and the letters and blah, blah, blah from the collector or it's going to entitle you potentially to compensation and a Court Order for them to cease and desist because; I take these cases for violations of this part of the law all the time, and usually on a contingency fee basis.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful. Enjoy The Collection Blocker. I'm certain that it is going to be devastatingly effective. I'm Consumer Financial Protection Attorney Mike Cardoza and I'm always available to answer your questions. Enjoy!

Using just as much force as is necessary under the circumstances.

That's probably a reasonable approach to most situations - and I think you'd agree.

Now, this type of letter the "Cease and Desist" or the "Do Not Contact" - this is one letter that got our attention as debt collectors (I am a former debt collection executive). Because it was effective.

When debt collectors receive this letter, they essentially have to stop collecting. They can't call you, they can't write to you, they can't call your work, they can't call your boss. Nothing.

They may deep-six your debt and you never hear about it again, they may sell it to someone else, or they may sue you. All good because the older your debt gets, the less it's worth to debt buyers and collectors and the less it matters to you and your credit score. 7 years after default and it vanishes (if you don't get sued within a certain time frame depending on your State - in which case you will still have plenty of notice and opportunity to settle it).

The Collection Blocker**

for you - for Free*. (*All you have to provide is an email address, your State, and your first name).


**The Collection Blocker is a specially crafted legal letter that invokes the protections of Federal and State law against debt collectors and creditors. I’ll deliver it to you via email (with detailed instructions) and automatically follow up with you after you’ve downloaded it to find out what happened after you sent it and whether or not you need legal help for follow on action.


Download for Free: The Collection Blocker!


Stop being harassed by the collection calls and letters you don't want ...Now.

You Owe it To Yourself.

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