A recent investigation into the behavior of Wells Fargo executives and managers has uncovered the possibility that those executives and managers may have cheated shareholders by making corporate decisions that were not in the best interests of shareholders - as they are supposed to do under the law!

Shareholder class action lawsuits are an essential check and balance against corporate executive greed, self interest, and the natural human inclination to do the easy thing - even if it's wrong for thousands of faceless owners of the company.

If you have owned Wells Fargo stock for 15 years or more, please get in touch with me to see how you can participate in keeping the Bank honest - and how you may be entitled to compensation!


Wells Fargo Bank is under investigation... read transcript

Hello, I'm consumer financial protection attorney, Mike Cardoza. This is an urgent and breaking news report and alert about mega-lender, Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank is under investigation for potential violation of its responsibilities to its shareholders, that is, its owners. The question is whether or not Wells Fargo management acted in the best interest of its shareholders, which is its responsibility under the law. My message to you is this, if you are a shareholder of Wells Fargo, if you have owned Wells Fargo shares for a period of 15 years or more, you may be part of a potential action against the company, and be entitled to compensation. Contact me immediately if that's the case. This is relatively urgent, so take action today!

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