In some cases, they're like literally laughing at you. They don't respect you at all as a person. Because to them, you're just another one of the cows that has to be milked.

Perhaps you're thinking, so what? That didn't make me feel any better. Why are you telling me this?

  • Because what if I told you that I can make debt collectors bow down before you?
  • What if I told you that debt collectors could actually end up paying you?
  • You literally can make money from being in debt. And I'll show you how.

You're a person. You deserve respect. You deserve respect under the law. The law says that.

Let me tell you a story about a client, we’ll call her Debbie. She's a good person. She was just getting slaughtered by debt collectors, calls, texts, emails - even letters - every week, over and over again. She didn't even want to think about debt collectors.

But I got her attention and I told her, we can make it stop. And she asked “how?” that was all it took.

From there, my staff rounded up all of her collections and helped Debbie publish all the specialized notices to these debt collectors. And about five months later, she was $3,000 richer, all for answering a few emails and making sure that she returned our calls. She didn't go anywhere. She didn't confront anyone. She didn't hardly do anything. And now her phone is quiet. And her life is back on track. Like it never even happened. We do this every single day.

Okay, you might be thinking some of these things. Hey, is this dishonest? No. We're just putting Collectors on legal notice that you're not going to suffer their communication attacks at all hours of the day. You might be thinking, Oh, that’s get me sued. No, trust me, it's likely to get you NOT sued. Wait, what? Yeah, this is likely to get you not sued. Because now the collectors know that you know a lawyer who knows how debt collectors work. And remember, they only make money if you just sort of lie down and take it and pay. And when somebody fights back, that rapidly gets way more expensive for them. Way more expensive than their commission on collecting whatever suppose a debt there is.

Okay, maybe you're thinking, Well, you know, there'll be mad, they'll be mad at me. They'll take it out on me, then it'll get worse. No, what will happen is they'll get scared. And they'll start getting busy blaming each other about like, “oh, who screwed up the Johnson file and got us got us sued? I think it was Karen no, it was Carl, he failed to code the you know, blah, blah, blah!" and then their head explodes because nobody wants to lose their job.

Lastly, you might be thinking, Well, Mike, you know, I owe the money. Okay, I got it. And to that, I would ask you, like, how much interest have you and I and everyone else already paid these people? Has it been enough? Or do they need more money from you in order for you to feel okay?

Could you take that money and do something more meaningful with it, like, give it to charity? Anyway, do this right now. Take it from me. I've worked both sides of this equation.

Right now, you might be actually near the expiration of a solid case and not even know it because the statute of limitations on collection harassment is pretty short. When you click the button here, one of my friendly staff reach out and get a hold of your situation. We'll do this together.

And as always, it's our No Fee Guarantee. We don't get paid, unless you win money and you don't pay us anything out of pocket. Okay, so click the button right now and find out all about it.